Miris Board of Directors

The challanges are many for a small, public company developing its own technology on a global market. With guidence and active participation from the Miris Board of Directors, the CEO and Management Team are able to navigate all aspects of the business. Their dedication, knowledge and expertise are instrumental in ensuring Miris reaches it potential.


Chairman of the Board
Ingemar Kihlström  

Members of the Board 
Inger Andersson
Niklas Dahl
Sören Densjö

Ingemar Kihlström Chairman of the Board

"It is a privilege to be part of the development of future individual nutrition for preterm neonates by the engagement in the BoD of Miris Holding."

Work outside of Miris
Independent consultant for Ingemar Kihlström AB, in the life science area.

Short history
Associate professor at Uppsala University. More than 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical and business development for Astra and Pharmacia. Ten years of experience in financing as well as analyst and corporate advisor in life sciences. Chairman of the Board at Artimplant AB, MedCap AB, Prolight Diagnostics AB, Karocell Tissue Engineering, Acromed AB, member of the board at companies in several Nordic countries

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Additional board engagements in the past five years
ABG Sundal Collier ASA – Member of the board, 2001-2003
Oxypharma AB – Member of the board, 2001-
Artimplant AB – Member of the board, 2003-2004, chairman of the board 2006 –
Diagenic AS – Vice chairman, 2004 –
Ingemar Kihlström AB – Chairman, 2004 –
MedCap AB – Member of the board, 2004-2005, chairman 2006 –
Hemapure AB – Member of the board, 2005-2006
Niconovum AB – Member of the board, 2005 –
Karocell Tissue Enginering AB – Chairman, 2006 –
Prolight Diagnostics AB – Chairman, 2006 –
Respiratorius AB – Member of the board, 2006 –
HealthInvest Partners AB – Member of the board, 2006 –
Unimedic AB – Member of the board, 2006 –
Kezzler ASA – Member of the board, 2007 –
Acromed AB – Member of the board, 2007 –
AP Fastigheter AB – Member of the board, 2000–2005
IVA:s Näringslivsråd – Member of the Board, 1993-

Inger Andersson Member of the Board

"To be able to contribute to individual nutrition for preterm babies feels like one of the most important tasks one can get. For me, it was therefore a given to say yes to be part of the Board."

Work outside of Miris
Independent consultant focused on management and advising in the food sector 2013–

Short history
Director general, National Food Agency 2004–2013
Senior vice President Operations, Vin & Sprit 2002–2004
Director Operations, Arla Foods/ Arla Färskvaror 2000–2002
CEO Arla R&D, Technical Director, Environmental Manager etc. and other posts in Arla 1974–2000

Shares in Miris Holding AB: 0 shares

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Additional board engagements in the past five years
St Erik Eye Hospital, chair
Swedish University in Agriculture sciences, vice chair, chair
National Veterinary Institute, board member
Apoteket AB, board memeber

Professor Niklas Dahl Member of the Board

"Miris missions are highly motivating. The goals comply with my ambitions to implement science and proven experiences in health care, aspiring to improved survival and health for premature children."

Work outside of Miris
Full professor and senior consultant at Uppsala University/Uppsala University Hospital.

Short history
Thirty-five years of clinical experience in Pediatrics and Genetics. Researcher at INSERM/University of Strasbourg for two years. Consultant at Astra-Zeneca for four years. Advisor at the European Research Council. Originator of five patents in biomedicine.

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Sören Densjö Member of the Board

”Miris mission is to make individual nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve preterm health. It is encouraging to participate in the Board work for this important task. Hopefully my long experience in communication will be useful.”

Work outside Miris:
Independent consultant in communication and investor relations for companies in the life science sector through Densjö Kommunikation AB during the past 20 years.

Short history
Master of Political Science, Uppsala University. Previous positions in the Ministry of Finance and the Federation of Swedish Industries. Director External Communication in the listed companies Pharmacia, Procordia and Pharmacia & Upjohn for a total of 20 years. Mentor for communications managers and for 10 years board member of Swedish Communication Association

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