Target Fortification Made Easy

Miris Forte™ is a decision support software for the calculation and follow-up of nutrition and growth in children under neonatal care. The system may be used for children from the gestational age of 22 weeks until 12 months post-term.

Miris Forte™ is a sophisticated and innovative clinical decision support software with a primary focus on optimizing the nutritional well-being and growth of preterm infants.

With the launch of Miris Forte™, Miris offers a comprehensive solution for the precise analysis and optimization of macronutrients in neonatal nutrition. When Miris HMA® analysis data is entered into Miris Forte™, the software combines this valuable information with specific nutritional requirements of the infant to calculate necessary fortification levels.

This dynamic interaction ensures that the nutritional values of the milk are aligned with the individualized needs of each baby, optimizing their macronutrient intake. In essence, Miris Forte™ serves as a vital tool in the process of fortification, as it uses the nutritional data from Miris HMA® to calculate precise fortification levels required to meet the baby's target nutritional goals.

Miris Forte provides regular and Z-score growth charts for critical measurements such as weight, length, and head circumference, allowing healthcare professionals to closely monitor an infant's development and compare it to established growth reference standards. Additionally, the software presents informative graphical representations of nutrient intake, enabling healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions regarding a patient's nutritional plan. 

By bridging the gap between Miris HMA®'s macronutrient analysis and tailored fortification calculations, Miris Forte™ plays a pivotal role in ensuring that neonatal care providers can fine-tune nutritional support for each infant with the highest degree of accuracy and effectiveness.


Product information 

Miris Forte™ is available as a cloud-based and local server version.

Miris Forte™ is developed and maintained in accordance with IEC 62304:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Miris Forte™ is a supplementary decision support tool for facilitating the daily nutrition calculations performed by authorized healthcare professionals (HCPs) at the hospital’s neonatal unit. It is strictly intended to be used by HCPs employed at the hospital’s neonatal unit and does not, under any circumstance, substitute a healthcare professional’s professional judgement.



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