Human Milk Analysis

Miris HMA - Human Milk Analyzer gives the energy, fat, carbohydrate and protein content in human milk within minutes using a small sample volume.

Our solution is everything you need, easy to use and gives you as a clinician or researcher fast and reliable results.


Our Solution


To prepare individualised nutrition through target fortification, there is a need for analysis of the milk to determine the concentration of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Miris provides a complete solution for this analysis.

Before analysis, sample preparation is needed to ensure a homogenised sample representing the true composition of the milk sample; milk that has been stored and thawed separates into fat and protein aggregates. This lowers analytical quality and is why homogenisation is important.

Through years of experience Miris has developed a portfolio of instruments and consumables that is tailored to ensure that the complete workflow related to analysis of breast milk is optimised to provide the most accurate and reproducible results.

Our solution includes Miris Human Milk Analyzer for analysis, Miris Ultrasonic Processor and Miris Heater for optimising sample preparation, a range of consumables such as a cleaning solution, control solutions, and tubes, syringes and bottles. Separate service packages are also available.

Miris products are available for purchase either through one of Miris distributors or directly here in Order Products. Contact us and we will guide you in the right direction. Whether it is to find a local distributor, receive a quotation, place and order, understand our renting options or find out more about our products, we are here to help.

The Milky Way workflow

In Sweden target fortification for preterm infants has been standard of care since the 90s. At Swedish neonatal units the mother's own milk is always the first choice to be given to the preterm baby. If not available, donor milk from other moms will be provided. The milk is collected and analysed to determine the macronutrient content, and then fortified according to the clinician’s recommendations to meet each baby’s needs. This will allow for maintenance of protein intake and the protein:energy ratio.

Combining Miris' extended knowledge of analysing human milk and the process used by neonatal units in Sweden, it is possible to map out how to optimise breast milk analysis and enable target fortification. We call it The Milky Way.









Step 1: Collection - collection of mother's own milk or donor milk.

Step 2: Analysis - due to the large variation in macronutrients in human milk, analysing to know the contents of fat, protein and carbohydrates is crucial

Step 3: Optimize - knowing the content of fat, protein and carbohydrates it is possible to calculate how much needs to be added depending on the weight and age of the preterm baby.


Instruction videos

Here you can find video tutorials on everything from installing and setting up your Miris HMA to detailed step-by-step video guidelines explaning different procedures for your daily use of Miris HMA and Miris Ultrasonic Processor.

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