Sandra Falci Account Manager

"I joined the Miris team in April 2017. In my opinion, it is very easy to get committed with Miris and its purpose since we are helping babies to thrive and have a good start in life. But what made me understand the practicality of this purpose, was my first visit to a neonatal intensive care unit. Seeing those preterm babies really touched my heart but at the same time motivated me to keep working even harder in order to provide the right tools consequently right treatment available for them. As an Account Manager, I am dedicated to understand our customer´s needs. I also do my best to answer any customer’s and distributor’s enquiries as fast as possible. Additionally, I would like to make sure that the users have good knowledge about handling the device as this result in accurate analysis and avoid any damage to the system."

Terese Andersson Acting Director Operations

"I joined Miris in March 2017. Miris is an exciting company with unique products. The sense of togetherness throughout the whole company. 

My contribution is to help our customers around the world with their orders from ordering them to they have their products with them. Safe door-to-door delivery."

Lina Jonsson Application Specialist

"I have been part of the Miris Team since 2010. Then, as now, I believe that Miris as a company has an important function in the world to create better health.

In my present position, I contribute by sharing my knowledge to help users get the most suitable application of their products from Miris."