Miris Interviews

Alongside our mission to make individual nutrition available globally to improve neonatal health, our goal is to create awareness, inspiration and dialogue.

One of the ways we do this is by organizing a series of interviews with our customers, partners and other prominent experts on topics relating to neonatal health and nutrition for preterm babies.

We hope you will enjoy watching!

Umeå University Hospital, Sweden

Miris Interview with Magnus Domellöf, Professor, Head of Pedriatrics, Umeå University Hospital, Sweden & Elisabeth Stoltz Sjöström, Senior Lecturer, Department of Food and Nutrition, Umeå University Hospital, Sweden.

Target Fortification

Target fortification is used to tailor breast milk for the individual preterm infant’s nutritional needs by analysing the milk prior to fortification.

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Our Customers

How Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Milk Banks, Research Institutions, and Women and Children Clinics can utilise the Miris HMA instrument

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